Fluent: save your inbox with workflow-style email stream

Three former Google employees from Sydney, Australia have been working on a solution called Fluent for the inbox overload many people are facing these days.
Key features include:
– New service displays email as a “stream” like Facebook
– Shows attachments like photos as a slide show
-Multiple account support for a single login
– Allows instant searching through emails as you type
The team consists of Cameron Adams,  Dhanji Prasanna and Jochen Bekmann. After Google halted development on Google Wave, Adams and Prasanna quit (with Bekmann following later) to work on Fluent.
One of the key goals of the new email handling platform is to have people take action on messages received right away, instead of reading into all the details. This should make working with email about 20% more efficient.
Here’s what the interface looks like:

Currently the platform is in Beta invite mode, with the option to leave your email address to receive an invite later on.
A quote from Adams:

“We’re trying to … imagine the future of email,” Adams said. “We think that email has sort of stagnated and got into these set patterns of people using it and it’s not being pushed forward any more.”

One other unique feature is the option of searching by time: an email conversation with a certain person will be shown as a timeline, where you have the option to click on a certain point in that timeline to view emails sent and received around that time immediately.
A video explaining the way Fluent works:

More info can be found in this article.

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