Email on Acid adds new email client tests

email-on-acid-logoEmail on Acid, the email campaign test company, has added new email client tests. The new email clients and devices that have been added to the test suite are:

  • iPhone 6 (iOS8)
  • iPhone 6+ (iOS8)
  • Gmail App (iOS7)
  • Android Gmail

The post on the Email on Acid blog also includes an update on their Beta platform. New features there include collaborating in a simple fashion with the Markup Tool, the Design Inspiration Tool and a new UI.
A screenshot of the new UI, the Inbox section:
When it comes to the new previews, the steps needed to see them are described in the blog article on the Email on Acid website. Check out the article here.
If you haven’t seen or used Email on Acid before, it’s an email campaign testing service as well as offering email analytics and specific spam testing options. When it comes to email testing, they offer tests on over 70+ email clients according to their website (yes, that’s a lot, but there really are many email clients out there). They also offer Mozify, which we posted on before. Mozify optimizes for image blocking, allowing recipients to see more than the standard ‘click to download images’ in their email clients.


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