A modern redesign of the email client: .Mail app for Mac

dotmailapp_emailclientWhen it comes to concepts of new email clients, .Mail app for Mac (dotMail) is one of the most beautiful and well thought-out ones out there. One caveat so far: it’s not real yet, though you can already sign up to be informed when it becomes available.

.Mail app: the design

So, what does .Mail look like? Here’s a screenshot of the email client:
.mail app interface_email_client
The interface looks a lot like Sparrow, another email client for the Mac platform. However, there are some nifty things in there – a few of those are highlighted below.

.Mail app: Actionsteps – setting priorities

You can prioritize emails with a single click, giving it a red marker and putting it under ‘Next Steps’ for a follow-up action later on.
.mail app interface2_email_client_followup

.Mail app: handling attachements

One of the well designed features in the .Mail app is the way attachements work. The’re not seen as stuck to emails anymore, they’ve received a separate place and work like the Mac OS X Finder:
.mail app email_client_attachements

.Mail app: notifications

Also, social notifications that arrive in the email are shown as separate notifications: this way you can see at a glance how many a certain network has sent you. Here’s an example:
.mail app email_client_notifications
The Facebook icon shows that 3 notifications from that network have arrived via email. Smart!
These and other features and new innovations can be found in a concept description with more screenshots over at the .Mail app webpage.
If you want to get a heads up when it will be available, subscribe on the .Mail app page here.

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