MailChimp Pro gets introduced by MailChimp

In ESP news, MailChimp has introduced MailChimp Pro. Ben Chestnut noted the following on Twitter, quoting the announcement:

“10 months ago, I asked my team to show the world that MailChimp’s not just easy for small business, but powerful.”

Stepping up its game, MailChimp’s goal with MailChimp Pro is to show how powerful the email marketing platform can be. In the works for 10 months, a lot of customer feedback and millions invested in upgrading infrastructure, the new tools available should satisfy even the most demanding marketer.

MailChimp Pro features and tools

Tools included in MailChimp Pro are:

  • Multivariate testing
  • Comparative reports
  • Delivery insight
  • Priority support
  • Stop delivery

Pricing is set at $199 per month on top of regular account fees. The ‘stop delivery’ feature is an interesting one: this one is meant for ecommerce merchants who suddenly see that a product is out of stock and would like to stop the deilivery of a certain promo email campaign for that product.
Quoting the official announcement on the MailChimp blog:

“MailChimp’s specialty is taking powerful features normally reserved for large enterprises, and making them accessible to small businesses. We do that with design. If we sold software to big enterprises, the CIO or CTO would be the decision maker, so it wouldn’t matter if the software was easy to use—they could just mandate it to all employees. When you sell to small businesses, it’s a lot like selling to consumers: the buyer is also the user. So a delightful user experience is critical. This is why design is in our DNA, and you can see it in this powerful new set of tools.”

If your interested in MailChimp Pro, check out the product page with a description of all features involved here.
At first glance, at $199 per month, this looks like quite a good deal for people who would like to upgrade their email marketing efforts. The tools offered are just what small businesses need to improve on their existing email marketing campaigns and take them to the next level.

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