Email news: mobile messaging, GMail ads, geolocations, zombie email addresses

According to a new research study by ReturnPath, email is on the move shifting no less than 16% of its usage to mobile. Have a look:
Email designs / webmail clients / browsers
New York Times: GMail to allow images, but no animation, in ads
Deliverability / (anti) spam / security / law
ReturnPath: How Inactive Addresses Hurt Deliverability plus 3 Tips on What to Do
iMediaConnection: Don’t spam me: Targeting tips for successful email marketing
Spamtips: DNSBL safety report
Wordtothewise: separating out zombie addresses (it would be nice)
ReturnPath: Email on the Move: The Future of Mobile Messaging
TechCrunch: 14% Of Groupon/LivingSocial Subscribers Respond To Push Notifications
Other email marketing news and posts
ClickZ: New metrics that matter by Ryan Deutsch
ClickZ: Creating Effective – and Profitable – Birthday Emails by Jeanne Jennings
ReturnPath: It’s 2011, do you know where your email is being read? (report)
BenchmarkEmail: 6 types of content for your email
MediaPost: Dear [Email Marketer First Name], Hold Your Breath by Kara Trivunovic
Social media vs email vs …
Futurelabs: 72% of Companies Ignore the Influence of Email on Social Media
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