Less is more – part 2

Remember Email insight: Less is more from over half a year ago? Here’s part two. If you haven’t read that one, read it first, after that come back here. I will be reusing the graphic I used back then, but focus on one part: valuable.

I like it being in the middle of all the other facets – simply because without value, all other facets would be quite useless. You can be a very credible source for information on subject X, but when someone is looking for Y, you won’t provide much value, no matter how accessible it is.
Relating this to email marketing and the ‘less is more’ principal, it’s all about knowing what content to deliver through the email channel to the end user. You might be talking about the same product, but depending on the audience you could talk about it in three or more ways, making it desirable for all audiences.
Is it worth sending three separate messages about a single product, yet in different forms/sizes? If it will pay out in results, then yes! Don’t forget that knowing who you deal with¬†will boost all results – simply because it will be easier to be relevant. Being relevant however is not the whole story.
Delivering the right story (relevance) doesn’t mean it will provide value straight away. Timing is everything in this case: when there is no option to select email frequency, an email should be delivered at prime time and without doubt about its purpose. If the call to action is unclear to the receiver, then you’ve already lost.
People are often paralyzed these days by choices and options. 40 types of spaghetti, 80 types of coffee. Choice was offered as a luxury and diversity thing in the beginning, but now it’s more of a burden than something useful or helpful. Narrowing down choices and making that one thing (your product or service) easily findable will mean the world to the subscribers.
Finally an email that will not eat up precious time but will make its point just like that. Yes, you can provide something valuable with less. Try it once, you will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

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