email marketing campaign for Happy Thanksgiving Hanukkah

The people over at must have a great job. Creating all these nifty tools and infographics to aid people in making statistics more attractive. The email marketing campaign for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, in this case called ‘ Happy Thanksgivukkah’, is no exception.
Very colorful, full of statistics (did you know your heart beats 100,000 times in 24 hours?) and other content.
Here’s the looooong email (roughly 3400 pixels long) in all its glory. Subject line:
Happy Thanksgivukkah from Visually!
Allright, you’re done browsing through this email marketing campaign? You’ve probably (hopefully) noticed the following things:
– Content from others first. content comes later.
– Social? It’s in there, but subtle and all the way to the bottom.
– Two important functionality buttons: login top-right, and Start a project all the way at the bottom.
Now one of their strenghts like a said at the beginning is making data look good. For instance, the visual guide to roasting a turkey, that’s pretty cool. It doesn’t matter that it’s from over a year ago: the content still counts, roasting turkeys hasn’t changed much since. Useful, fun to look at and read through and of course, the option to embed it yourself.
Like I said with the Tumblr email marketing article as well as the Kickstarter article, in the case of email marketing the content is partially available already. It’s good to see though that they’re mixing their own infographics and articles with crowdsourced content. Balance is everything when it comes to email marketing for online platforms. Too much about yourself and you’re selling. Too much about others and you seem lazy and/or not creative enough to come up with your own.
Companies that are not necessarily online (content) platforms like Tumblr, 500px, Kickstarter and can learn from this too. Learn and share from their customers and their experiences with their products and services. But companies need to be sure they put in their own flavor too: their voice should be leading and inspiring, not trailing and boring.


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