Twitter email design: animated and colorful

Recently Twitter announced the new group DM functionality. To promote the new functionality, the company sent out an email. Very smart of course, because if you never or rarely use Twitter DM, then how would you know the new functionality is there?


This new Twitter email design includes an animation, and it’s also very colorful.

First the animated bit, which is the image all the way on top:


And here’s the full campaign email, pink and blue:


The simple yet functional Twitter email design works great on both desktop and mobile clients. Which is important and logical of course, as many people use Twitter ‘on the go’: on their smartphones and tablets.

The main call-to-action redirects to your Twitter Direct Messages overview. The follow-up parts of the email send you to the Twitter about page regarding messages, which explains in a video how it works.

Of course, with all security-related stuff going on lately in regard to privacy of communications, it’s reassuring the email finishes off (the blue part at bottom) with a note about Direct Messages being private.

All in all, this Twitter email design is nice and attractive, and the animation adds the extra touch of playfulness and fun.

If you’d like to compare, here’s the New Year’s email from Twitter for Business.


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