Suit Supply – sex sells in new campaign

Suit Supply, a Dutch suit fashion company has launched a new website (a few weeks ago) and email marketing campaign for the Winter 2010 collection called ‘Shameless’. Formerly men in suits in various outdoor/indoor places were posted on billboards, the website and in email marketing campaigns. The marketing department must have gotten the green light for a more sexy campaign: a girl (in this case Dutch playmate of the year 2009 Chantal Hanse) in nude / erotic poses surrounding the men wearing the suits. An example:
The email marketing campaign’s sexy style continues on the website, with full screen imagery of man and woman (the latter mostly nude):

This type of advertising is not new, but should attract some attention indeed. The photography by Carli Hermes is beautifully executed and makes sure it’s not vulgair in any way: I’m reminded of the Campari campaign with Bond girl Olga Kurylenko which involved Olga being surrounded by several men. In the case of Suit Supply though, things have been taken a bit further. Dutch feminists have already expressed their concern about the campaign, while Dutch Playboy praised Playmate Chantal for this project.

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