Pinterest email marketing: how do they do it themselves?

If you’ve wondered about Pinterest email marketing, here’s how they do it themselves.
We’ve written about Pinterest’s emails before, but this one deserves attention. Here’s one of their latest emails I received:
As you can see, it starts with their logo, a personal greeting and what has been going on at Pinterest. They’re running their 30 days of Pinspiration on Pinterest, and also promote some boards (not in the above screenshot) that I would be interested in viewing, pinning or liking.
Besides that, the boards promoted are generally popular ones, like food, products, health and creative boards. What I’d like to point out about the above is the way Pinterest email marketing is done by themselves: they give a consistent feel across channels. In other words, the above email looks just like Pinterest itself: it’s very recognizable compared to several other email newsletters.

Pinterest email marketing: consistency across channels

Now you could say: well that’s lazy of Pinterest, doing email marketing this way: they just copied their site! Well yes, and no. Pinterest has the advantage of having readily available fresh content to put in their email messages: some companies don’t have that luxury.
However, they could have used a totally different design: only showing company news and blog posts, or a few of the boards of their own crew. But they didn’t: they wanted to have email subscribers experience the content just the way it works on the website, down to the same background and setup of the boards in the email itself, as well as the fonts used.
Even if you’re not a company with a lot of (or creative) content, you can still make your email marketing messages resemble your site or product’s look and feel. This will help in having people feel more familiar with both the brand and the message that is being communicated.
After all, you’re trying to get a message across, right? Pinterest email marketing is done by doing what they want you to do: be more active on Pinterest itself, use the platform, pin, like and create boards. Email is still a necessity for many online platforms to keep their users coming back: this is Pinterest’s way of doing just that.


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