New MySpace: welcome email design reviewed

In case you missed it, the new MySpace is now open to everyone for registration. After registration, I’m happy to say a good ol’ welcome email is sent out, and it’s pretty good.
Here’s what it looks like (1700+ pixels long, so you’ll be scrolling a bit):
This is the whole email, and in my opinion, it’s pretty good.
Remember what I said about the Pulse welcome email? You should feel welcome and it should help you get off to a good start. That Pulse welcome email succeeded. This one from MySpace succeeds as well. Here are the reasons why:
– With the ‘you’re in, …’ they make me feel like I’m in da club, you know: part of an exclusive party of people, a VIP … who am I kidding. Still, I’m in.
– Does the welcome email help me find my way around the platform? For sure it does. No less than six dedicated content items from making connections, taking a tour, discovery, making my own mix as well as customizing my own profile.
– Because this is a welcome email, it doesn’t include a password recovery option like Twitter’s reactivation email: the footer does contain a link to the Help page though if more / other help would be needed.
All in all, it’s a nice welcome email from MySpace: well designed, very helpful – something I would revisit in my inbox. That might be one of the best strengths in email marketing: email’s ‘stickyness’: even a week or a month after being sent and read, it’s still having effect, like an ever repeating ad campaign, but with only one investment and one broadcast. What marketer doesn’t love that?

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