GAP puts reading directions in email

For those of you who have ever heard or learned about interface design and graphical design, you have heard of reading and skimming directions. There’s the F-method, the Z-method and also the E-method. For instance, with the Z-method you start topleft, go all the way to the right of the screen or page, diagonally downleft and then again all the way to the right.
I’m telling this because GAP has recently subtly used the Z-method in one of their emails, actually. Here’s the email:

This is a nice play on reading directions and creating space through err space: space gives rest or pause in reading/viewing stuff, which makes you take time to take it all in.
One more thing: notice the links to the mobile device and web browser versions top right? They go to the same email, no difference in width or design. GAP probably wants to measure mobile opens and this might be one way for them to do it.


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