Email winner: Special mobile email webshop promo by dELiA*s

When you want to keep in touch with your audience, you have to make sure you are seen on the right platforms. Girl/Teen clothing webshop dELiA*s certainly understands this: they have dedicated a complete focus on mobile email to promote their new smartphone optimized webshop:

Recognizing where your audience is, is one thing: but acting upon it and promoting the new webshop solely for mobile is another. Over time dELiA*s has probably seen a steady growth in mobile visits, but maybe not in conversion. Even though they have an e-catalog app available, having the full webshop functionality available is one step further. This goes to show that apps aren’t everything: they can be nice and definitely fulfill a purpose, however a dedicated mobile website/shop can mean that much more.
Slight mishap in this email is the sub-headine: “…from any iPhone, Android, HTC, or any other Smart phone”. I guess the marketing department responsible for this email doesn’t know iPhone is a product, Android is a platform and HTC is a brand..but that’s slightly besides the point 🙂
I believe it takes courage and getting priorities right to go all the way with a mobile site: it just goes to show that the future of online commerce is on mobile platforms, not on classic desktops.

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