Email winner: SKY's beautiful html5 email 'Game of Thrones'

Last night I came across this beautiful email promoting a new TV series called Game of Thrones: it containes a 15 sec video trailer of the series. The video is integrated using Liveclicker html5 email video tech and has an animated gif for when your webmail or email client does not support html5. Subject line: The wait is finally over…
Here’s a screenshot:

You can find the video here, and the animated gif looks like this:

The full version of the email can be found here, which is much longer than the email screenshot above.
You can guess why I think this is an email winner, right? Here’s my points:
– Using html5 video in email, -with- fallback to animated gif
– Snippet text is there:  Catch this year’s must-see TV blockbuster
– Beautiful design of the complete email
– Nice balance between text and imagery
It’s good to see that new web technology is starting to have a presence: especially with html5 which imho still is one of the most crucial new developments for email marketing.
With thanks to Riaz Kanani for sharing this: check out his DMA Council article on video email here.

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