Email winner: Bare necessities lingerie mailing

This week’s email marketing winner is from Bare Necessities, a (mostly) underwear company for men and women fashion. The winner is posted below:

Click on the above email (or here) to view the full size version. The winning points? Let’s get them noted:
– subject line! Simple, to the point, short: 5 Days Only – Free Shipping No Minimum
– elegant and clear layout. Use of colour and separate fonts to get focus (like 60 day no hassle return policy)
– the attention is drawn to the big blue card with the free shipping no minimum notice by the lingerie model looking to the right: a great way to guide the viewer with reading directions. I’ve posted about reading directions before, and this is another great example.
– instead of the standard ‘follow/fan us on’ they used ‘join us’ with Facebook, Twitter and the share this email on Facebook buttons. Join us feels much more inviting – that you will be part of the community instead of just simply following.
– just as with last week’s email winner from Simple shoes site nav is incorporated in the top right of the email.  It is not a seamless experience like the Simple shoes one, but at least you can navigate directly to the shop location of your choice.
All in all this email hits a home run on quite some critical points: both in layout, subject line and content department. A deserved winner I say.


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