Email marketing design winner: Sephora new website introduction with animation

This week’s email marketing design winner is Sephora’s new website launch intro email, which includes a nice animation. The animation slides in the black bars with the new website features. Here’s the new design (not animated):

This email has several nifty features. One of them is the inclusion top right of a link to a mobile version, which -really- is a mobile version:

Do not underestimate the power of a well crafted text version! One other nifty feature can also be found at the top right part of the email: “Please add us to your Gmail Contact List…” Aha! They know I’m a Gmail user and have put the corresponding whitelisting info in the email. Clever!
Looking at the email design itself, the combination of the animated bars and the smiling girl helps in providing a playful, positive sense to the email. There are too many brands which have people looking in the camera too seriously, as if they’re having the worst day of their lives instead of enjoying themselves.
Yeah, that’s attractive! The email goes on to include a colorwash sweepstakes with Pinterest link, as well as adding other social media platforms and the regular footer links.
The combination of the animation, the good mobile version, the total imagery and the happy girl makes this the email marketing design winner of this week for me!

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