Email marketing design winner: Nook Simple Touch

The Nook series by Barns & Noble has seen a growing audience over the years. The introduction of the Nook Simple Touch last year made life for the e-reader fans even better.
Now Barnes & Noble is promoting the Nook Simple Touch device in this email:

(click for larger version)
The email promotes the GlowLight feature, which is (apparently) a unique feature among e-readers. The email campaign is part of the bigger promotion campaign, which Barnes & Noble also runs on their website.
It is not unusual to promote a single, unique feature of a product, but in this design they’ve put total focus on that feature: no other feature (except price) is described in the email.
Whether or not it will engage readers to click through: I’m not sure, but the simple, straightforward design with the glowing light representing the GlowLight function is pretty neat. Therefor it’s this week’s email marketing design winner.


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