Email Marketing Design Week: MAC Cosmetics

The next addition this Email Marketing Design Week is a single image email from MAC Cosmetics. In this case the Dutch variant.
Subject line: M∙A∙C HEAVENLY CREATURE – Nu 3 dagen GRATIS VERZENDING bij elke aankoop! (now 3 days free shipping on every order!)
Here’s the email:
All / single image newsletters have been discussed here before, This one, with this product, shows that it’s ok to do a single image email campaign: the target group for MAC Cosmetics  probably always downloads the images, and is fine with the size / lengt of the image.
The impact is much greater than when several content items would be used with multiple images: the more standard newsletter approach, especially for B2B email marketing.
If this type of email would not be for you as a marketer, because you believe the receiving end won’t load images immediately (so they won’t see anything except the preheader text in the preview pane and on first look), I’d say experiment with it. If you have never sent this type of email, you won’t now how your target groups handles them. You’d be surprised about the results!

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