Email failure: important messages need care

When you send out an important notice about a service you provide, it is important, no imperative, that the sender is able to understand the whole message and that there shouldn’t be any question about what you are trying to tell.
If the email content or layout of the message are mangled though, it doesn’t hit the mark. This seems to be the case with the below email from VPSLatch, a managed VPS hosting company.

See a larger version here.
Now if I were a client (or upcoming client) I wouldn’t want to  receive an ‘important notice about my account’ in this fashion. I would want to receive it loud and clear with the most important points on top highlighted, with any extra info necessary below it. The above is a message about an acquisition and the consequences for clients of this company, but if they would want me to read this I’d rather have it presented in a more structured way.
Care for your marketing messages is important, but care for important notices on service changes is extremely important: if clients don’t get the message you’re trying to tell, then the effort of making and sending it is completely lost.


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