Email design winner: Piperlime with animated header

Back from time off, the email winner series now includes the Piperlime email below. It features some cool photography wrapped in a nice email design as well as very clear CTAs: “Make them yours” and “Judge for yourself”. I’d reckon those are better than ‘buy now’ or ‘read more’ actually.

The above email includes quite some nice touches – they all sum up to make it an email winner.
The points:
Animated header, smack in the middle up top. Here it is:

Furthermore, the header includes site-navigation that takes you directly to the designated area, in this case highlighting the Piperlime blog.
Next to that, the footer is cool as well:

Not only are the social media links set up, but also a ‘shop on the go’ option referring to a dedicated mobile site, but also the ‘Preferences, please’ item on the right. It says to ‘Talk to us’ to let Piperlime know which emails you want to get so you’ll get all the good stuff. Nice addition and I prefer every single company sending out email campaigns to have a preferences center: after all, stuff you don’t want in your inbox isn’t worth much to you, is it?
All in all a deserved email design winner in this case.


2 thoughts on “Email design winner: Piperlime with animated header

  1. It really does move your eyeballs to it — I wonder how animated gifs render across different clients. Anyone tested this on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or other environments?

  2. It’s clever a subtle, presumably the first frame has all of the letters there, so the content is visible in Outlook.
    I know that free shipping and returns is a great engagement point because people don’t like to buy clothes online if they could find the size is different from other brands sizes and they have to pay to send back, so it’s understandable that this was the choice.
    I think the some A-B testing with different strap lines to see which is the most popular.

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