Disney email campaign: Incredibles images off

This gem came to my attention via Twitter. A Walt Disney email campaign: Specificially, a Walt Disney World email noting the upcoming visit by the recipient.
The email is very basic in its setup: a small pre-header, the Walt Disney World logo, a paragraph of text, -and- Mr. Incredible himself.
However, if you don’t download the images just yet, you are greeted with the images off, tableized, background-colored version of Mr. Incredible. So subtle yet so nice!
Here’s the Disney email. Images off-version on top, images-on below that one:
The setup of this Disney email is not too difficult when it comes to the html-coding, but it’s very well done. I wish more brands would make use of the power of table and cell background colors to create just that little bit of extra juice in email marketing.
I’ve posted a few emails that had images-off art in them. One example is the Playstation Store Transformers email. Email on Acid has introduced a form of images-off optimization a while ago. It is called Mozify, and allows receivers of email to see the contents in a rough form before downloading the actual images.
Hat-tip to Ian Brennan for sharing it on Twitter.


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