Dell: we come in peace (subject line)

Subject lines are all important: they persuade the receiver to open your email or not. If you manage to come up with something creative or something that stands out from the “Mr Jones, 50% off selected items”  group then you already have an advantage over other senders.
Dell has got new Alienware aptops, and they sent their email with the subject line ‘we come in peace’ (Dutch: wij komen in vrede). Definitely not a standard subject line, and short / creative enough to catch my attention.
Here’s the subject line and email, and the in-style click through action ‘come with us’ (Dutch: sluit je bij ons aan)

It’s a nice play on the Alienware brand name and family of computers, and the subject line is only 18 characters including spaces: great for mobile too (see why that’s important here). Of course, it has to be an option to use such short and special subject lines: don’t use special subject lines just for the heck of it: they should still say what’s inside the email or people will be disappointed.

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