Coca-Cola brings animated bubbles

Already being one of the best known Priority brand names worldwide, how can you do your marketing even better? The The designers at cheap mlb jerseys Coca-Cola have come up with a delightful animated Colorado email.

Here’s a wholesale mlb jerseys static screenshot:


However, what you don’t see in the above screen, is that the bubbles of the not o from CokeUSA are muertos animated:

It’s lovely, isn’t it? Just that little bit of extra to give the email that little sparkle that makes it launched! pop! Whoever came up with this at the Coca-Cola design/marketing department to spruce up their Services email marketing gets wholesale nfl jerseys my vote.

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3 thoughts on “Coca-Cola brings animated bubbles

  1. New or not is not the point in this case, anyone can put animations in emails. The point is the way that it’s executed: not in an obtrusive or jittery way. The Coca-cola bubbles design is part of the logo design, and implemented in a very nice and subtle way 🙂

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