Chanel: if only she would move…

Chanel sent out an email yesterday including a 700px wide shot of a model showing off Chanel products including nail polish, makeup and more. The moment I saw the image with the inset text ‘les tentations de Chanel’ one thing hit me: if only she would move.
Here’s the email:

The center image was a whopping 332kb of data, which is not going at it lightly. However if the image sells the product, why not make sure you make it the best quality possible. Back to my previous note of ‘if only she would move’. The way this is put together and presented lends itself perfectly for using video. This could be part of a way bigger online campaign including YouTube and several other social media channels through which the product could be presented.
So hello Chanel marketing department, I’m expecting a nice play button over this image soon which will play the video inside the email. No big deal, right? I have a bet running on this, you still have about 4,5 months 🙂

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