State of marketing automation infographic 2015

A new marketing automation infographic has been released, called ‘State of marketing automation 2015’.
The marketing automation infographic has been released by Position 2, a digital agency located in the US and India.
Topics included in the ‘state of marketing automation 2015’ infographic are:

  • adoption of marketing automation
  • challenges in marketing automation
  • why you shouldn’t miss out on marketing automation in 2015
  • trends in marketing automation for 2015

To start with the last part, trends in marketing automation, these are mentioned in the infographic:

  • integration with social media
  • easy to use platforms
  • growth in third-party applications
  • growth in mobile adoption
  • more personalized

The number one reason stated that you shouldn’t miss out on marketing automation is that 88% of users are effectively routing ‘hot’ leads to the sales department.
Then again, the field is pretty crowded with no less than 211 different marketing automation platforms on the market. But speaking in favor of adopting marketing automation, relevant emails sent via such platforms delivered 18 times more revenue than batch and blast emails.
Here’s the State of marketing automation infographic:
Lastly, the challenges that come with marketing automation mostly involve lack of training and / or underutilization of platform capabilities.
Make no mistake: marketing automation is a nice next step in marketing with many channels unified in one platform, but to make it all run efficiently and correctly can be a daunting task. Be sure to have all departments involved lined up and aware of all the goals, challenges and possibilities before diving in.
An advantage of marketing automation is that even for smaller teams, management marketing across multiple channels becomes easier and more manageable because a single platform is used for all or nearly all marketing communications. This also means better and easier reporting of ROI, lead management, lead nurturing, content management and other marketing activities.


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