Did you get my email? Email comic

Because your inbox, work or personal, is -your- inbox, you sometimes feel like certain emails from certain people don’t belong there. Maybe because you don’t understand the contents of the email, or because it has the prehistoric ‘high priority’ red exclamation mark in front of it. Another reason could be because you just don’t like the person sending you the email. Why not put it in the Junk folder then? So that when people ask you “Did you get my email?” you can say (even if it’s just for fun) “Let me check my Junk folder” – like the professor in the PHD comic below did:
Of course, with the reliable email systems of modern days, chances are very slim that a 1-to-1 email does not arrive at its intended recipient. Has it ever happened to you that you had to ask “Did you get my email?” and someone pulled the Junk folder prank on you? Maybe put more effort in being clear in your email communications. Have a clear subject (no subject = not done!), tell what needs to be done (or if it’s only an FYI email), who will do what and when it’s expected. Use your email client as a mini taskmanager, so to speak. Being able to clearly communicatie your intentions in email, regardless whether it’s professionally or in your personal life, goes a long way.
And if you’re succesful in that, you’ll probably never have to ask someone “Did you get my email?”.
Here’s a bonus PHD-comic as another way around to the above one.

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