Email comic: Why phishing scams and spam still works

If you wonder why phishing scams and spam still work, Scott Adams recently posted a Dilbert comic that explains it all:
Yup, there are still people out there that respond to phishing scams, as is shown in the email comic above. This includes all forms of spam as well, by the way. As long as people keep doing that, phishing and spam still works. Educate your fellow human to not fall for the scam traps. Make them understand that any email that starts with Hello! or a certain pharmaceutical name should be met with distrust.
Remember: the only reason phishing scam people and spammers still make money after all these years is because people fall for their traps and emails. We can only stop this flood when we make sure they’ll go out of business: make spamming and scamming a non-profitable exercise. They will move on to other things, but hopefully keep all of our inboxes clean.
Don’t be that manager in the last panel of that Dilbert email comic, just filling in his bank account number details. Be one of the others saying ‘scam’ and delete the email. Make sure everyone else does as well, get those guys out of business!

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