Email comic: entrepreneur fail – established tech company

Here’s an email comic from entrepreneur fail. Have you ever come across a very serious sounding (tech) company and came across their email address – ending in @ Would you still consider them ‘serious’ in that case?
Here’s the comic:
In this case, the email comic is from The ‘VC’ on the chairs of the two people stands for venture capitalist: you know, the people with money, who would like to invest in your company. Or maybe not, when they see the contact email.
So restating the question I started with: if you get a contact email from a company that ends with @, would still want to do business with them? How about @ Or maybe @
Personally, when you have a serious company, you have a website. Like In that case, you should be able to get one or more email addresses for that domain: either via your hosting provider or webmaster, or even create them yourself.
In that case, you could at least have Even if it’s the only email address you have for now, it will still be way more serious than ‘’.
As a followup, do you still have your old @hotmail address which you created somewhere in the ’90s, maybe even before Microsoft bought Hotmail? I lost mine, but then again, I’m not sad about it. It wasn’t really a very serious address, but that didn’t matter. I only got a few emails per week back then. How times have changed…

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