Kaspersky Lab: spam volume 2013 drops to two-thirds of total email volume

The people over at Kaspersky Lab have written a post about the changes in spam volume 2013, compared to 2012. Compared to the previous year, the volume is down to 69.6%, dropping 2,5% compared to 2012.
A compilation of  spam volume 2013 facts from the post:

  • The proportion of spam in email flows was 69.6% in 2013, which is 2.5 percentage points lower than in 2012
  • The greatest amount of spam – 23% – was sent from China
  • The percentage of emails with malicious attachments was 3.2%, which is 0.2 percentage points lower than in 2012
  • 74.5% of spam emails sent in 2013 were no more than 1 KB in size
  • 32.1% of phishing attacks targeted social networks

As you can see from the graph below, the spam volume is still a large part of total email volume, but dropped below 70% for the first time last year:
One disturbing trend the post points to is that of ‘gray’ mail: official email sent via ‘good’ servers and senders, but to email addresses that have been purchased. Also, Kaspersky Lab detected a lot of fake messages seemingly coming from antivirus vendors. Names involved include Trend Micro and Symantec.
To read the in-depth article with all details, head over to this page.


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