GMail, Yahoo web mail spam filters gone crazy?

From various people (which I will quote later on) I’ve seen mentions that their or other’s email campaigns have recently ended up in GMail and / or Yahoo’s spam filters. From one person I received their emailing which arrived in GMail’s spam filters with many subscribers, making their campaign results plummet. In the email itself I couldn’t find any reason for a spam filter to regard it as being spam: next to that previous messages from the same sender and reply address have never been sent to the spam folder. I tend to think I can think like a spam filter, or at least know a bit of how they work, but these instances have left me dumbfounded.
Here’s one other mention from Janet Roberts about Yahoo:

@remybergsma Looks to me like they’re fiddling w/the dials cuz the emails in my folder today are ones I *always* open and often act on.

Furthermore, some people have noticed that their GMail calendar reminder emails have been marked as spam by GMail’s own spam filter. Chad White from Retailemailblog noted this:

Lots of murmuring about Gmail’s spam filters becoming hyper-aggressive suddenly. Some blaming Priority Inbox.

So far I’ve seen some messages in my own GMail inboxes being sent to the spam folder, for really no apparent reason: they were just fine layout and content wise, and I’ve been subscribed to them for quite a while. Not too long ago someone else mentioned that GMail’s own Calendar reminder emails have been ending up in the spam folder too: the only thing he did to the reminder emails is delete them, and that should not be a reason to mark something as spam.
Have you noticed any web mail provider’s spam filter behaving in an odd manner recently? Please let us know in the comments: hopefully we can find out more about what’s going on.

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