Email marketing and url shorteners: blocked again by Spamhaus

As has happened in the past, is blocked by Spamhaus through their DBL, or domain-based block list. This means that the use of their urls in your email marketing messages can / will affect your deliverability, and ultimately your email campaign success.
The above was brought to my attention via a tweet by Andrew Barrett. Here’s what Spamhaus is saying about the blacklisting:
The blacklisting has occured before in the DBL of Spamhaus for, back in 2011. An article from that period by Andrew over at his blog called The E-mail Skinny is definitely worth a read: it’s called ‘The Long and Short of URL Shorteners in E-mail‘ – Andrew tells about the nice and not so nice things of url shorteners.
Think about it: do you really need them in your email? It might seem convenient for certain social media sharing options, or make your text versions look good of your email marketing campaigns, but with spam filters and blacklisting services like Spamhaus picking this up, they can work against you.

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