Spamhaus: About 80% of spam traced to less than 100 spam operations

spamhausThe ROKSO list, or the Register of Known Spam Operations, is a list of roughly 100 spam operations managed by Spamhaus. Spamhaus notes on the ROKSO page that about 80% of all spam received by internet users in Europe and North America originates from this group. The group consists of 1 to 5 spammers per operation, which makes the total number of people involved between 300 and 400.
Below is part of the ROKSO list as of 19th Feb, 2013:
Luckily for first time offenders or non-professional spammers (that is, marketing departments that don’t know how to handle their lists correctly) there’s a 3 strikes  method of putting spammers on the list. This means that you / your company must have been terminated by your ISP for at least 3 times for AUP (acceptable use policy) violations. After that, one gets listed on the ROKSO list, and IPs under control of the spam operation will be added to the Spamhaus Block List (SBL).
Spammers involved are those that see ISPs simply as throwaway resources: if and when they get caught, they’re already preparing to move their operation to a different ISP where they have already set up new IPs and domains.
For more information, check out the ROKSO faq on the Spamhaus website.

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