New Return Path logo and site launched

A new Return Path logo and site launched a few days ago. Together with the new Return Path logo and site, a company video explaining the three pillars of the email deliverability and security company has been launched as well.
The new logo:
Those three pillars amount to the following:

  • Email Optimization
  • Email Fraud Protection
  • Consumer Insight

About Email Optimization: The right message, at the right time, to the right inbox means better relationships, greater reach and increased revenue. Email Optimization enables enhanced insights for better deliverability and more meaningful engagements.
About Email Fraud Protection: The cost of a cyber attack goes beyond dollars and cents, it damages the integrity of a brand. Email Fraud Protection uses advanced fraud profiling data to respond to, and prevent, cyber attacks with greater speed.
About Consumer Insight: The inbox provides a unique real-time view of consumer behavior – from brand affinity to detailed purchase records. Consumer Insight provides in-depth data across millions of global consumers enabling smarter decisions and better business results.
The video explaining the three pillars of Return Path a bit more, and which of course includes the new Return Path logo and corporate style:

Return Path has lived with its now old logo for an impressive fifteen years, according to a blog article by CEO Matt Blumberg:

“Today for the first time in our history we’re flying a new flag, part of a brand refresh that we’ve been working on for a long time. Our evolution and our growth have never really slowed—if anything they’re accelerating—and we needed a new way to tell our story, including a new website and also a new logo, to represent where Return Path is today and where we’re headed.”

Read more about the changes with regards to the corporate style and products at the Return Path blog here.

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