Microsoft launches Office 365 Video worldwide

Microsoft has announced Office 365 Video worldwide, which is meant for internal communications. With the release, Office 365 Video gets mobile too, with an iPhone app.
Office 365 Video is now available for all eligible Office 365 customers worldwide. It is meant to  easily share large videos within your company or organization. As such, it can be called YouTube for companies: channels can be created for categories. Once a video is uploaded the platform creates multiple versions with different resolution of that video. This helps in being streamed smoothly, regardless of connection speed. Other video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and JWPlayer work that way as well.
The Office 365 Video player is an HTML5-player, where they used a Flash-player at first. This means videos can be played without a problem on all devices and all operating systems.
Here’s a video of the introduction of Office 365 Video:

New enhancements in Office 365 Video, based on early feedback:

  • Smarter “You may also like”—We increased the use of the Office Graph to make video recommendations more personal and relevant.
  • Share via email—In addition to easily sharing via Yammer, users can now click the mail icon from each playback page and send an email with a direct link to the video.
  • Built-in CDN—All videos are now backed by a built-in content distribution network (CDN) that improves playback performance across the globe.
  • More granular permissions management—Within channels, there are now three permission levels that can be assigned to users: Owners, Editors and Viewers. Plus, Global Tenant Admins now have admin access to all video channels.
  • Improved performance overall—All upload activity, channel creation and search crawls now result in a much faster user experience.

You can read the full details of the release on the Microsoft Office blog page here.

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