Mailigen partners with Alchemy Worx to provide Subject Line Advisor

Mailigen has announced a partnership with Alchemy Worx to provide the Subject Line Advisor to its clients. The Subject Line Advisor is powered by Touchstone and is an email subject line testing tool. It allows marketers to test subject lines of email campaigns and which predicts the open, click and delivery rate before it is sent out.
The way Subject Line Advisor works is by looking at your previously sent email campaigns. It suggests improvements on your subject lines, after which you can check variations on your subject line and select the best one.
The Subject Line Advisor tests against the industry of your choosing, for example a B2B industry. After entering a subject line, the tool predicts open and click results, and advises on improvements for your specific subject line and industry.
The three steps involved in testing are:

  1. Select industry
  2. Choose subject line to test
  3. See results

After results are displayed, you can choose your subject line and continue creating your campaign in the Mailigen platform.

Subject Line Advisor – more information at Mailigen pages

To find out more about the way the Subject Line Advisor works, visit the Mailigen features page here.
To find out more about the announcement and the inner workings of the Subject Line Advisor, visit the Mailigen blog article.

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