MailChimp updates terms and policies, makes it more readable

MailChimp has sent out an email to all of their users noting that the company has updated its terms and policies. The update is meant to make them more readable and is explained in layman terms on the separate pages.
Here’s the email, with subject line ‘Motion Granted: MailChimp’s Redesigned Legal Policies‏’:
Their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy include legal words, which not everyone is used to reading and understanding. Just like the terms of photo community website 500px, MailChimp has now chosen to give a short explanation of the parts of their terms right next to the several terms and policies.
Here’s 500px’s fair usage policy part:
And here’s MailChimp’s rules and abuse (partial screenshot):
(note the top left of the email: the snippet text noting the main message of the email).
As I’ve seen far too many EULA’s (End User License Agreement) of games and software, as well as terms of use and privacy policy, I applaud companies that try to make things easier. Not everyone is into legal talk and terms, and it can be hard to understand certain parts of licenses and agreements. When those are explained in more common words it’s easier to understand. Onward to a simpler, more understandable world.


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