Infusionsoft receives $54M funding to expand their business

infusionsoft-logo_marketing_automationInfusionsoft has received $54 million in funding from Goldman Sachs to invest in growth.
The team at Infusionsoft intends to put that investment to work: areas of growth mentioned are marketing and sales, growing their education and partner programs as well as product development.
For those who don’t know Infusionsoft: it’s a company that builds sales and marketing automation software for small businesses, and they are based in Arizona, USA. They have 325 employees, 12,000 organizations using their software and 44,000 users worldwide.
A quote from the blog post announcing the new funding:

Over the years, we’ve spoken to thousands of small businesses. What we’ve discovered is that the most common sales and marketing challenge small businesses report is attracting, capturing and converting leads into customers in an effective way. Small businesses don’t have a proven sales and marketing system to capture leads and convert them into customers. They use a variety of sales and online marketing tools that don’t work together. Their systems are broken and as a result they are losing leads and customers, and wasting time.

Read more about the funding here on the Infusionsoft blog.


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