Google Wave continues as Wave in a Box

Recently Google Wave was pronounced dead, or at least, the project will shut down at the end of the year. However, a post on the Google Wave Developer Blog notes that Wave will continue, but now as an open source project called ‘Wave in a Box’. The details provided in the post enlightens those who’d still like to use the platform and are able to set up Wave in a Box themselves:

  • an application bundle including a server and web client supporting real-time collaboration using the same structured conversations as the Google Wave system
  • a fast and fully-featured wave panel in the web client with complete support for threaded conversations
  • a persistent wave store and search implementation for the server (building on contributed patches to implement a MongoDB store)
  • refinements to the client-server protocols
  • gadget, robot and data API support
  • support for importing wave data from
  • the ability to federate across other Wave in a Box instances, with some additional configuration

Important fact to know is that it will work differently from the Google Wave that we’re used to: not all lines of code will be made part of the open source project. However, Alex North from the Google Wave team notes that up until now, the response from the open source community has been great, and the team is expecting many great contributions to the project.


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