DMA UK releases National client email report 2015

In the National client email report 2015, DMA UK highlights the importance of email for online marketing. One of the

Study: how millenials get news, email is biggest habit

When you talk about email usage by age, the younger demographic is often seen as non-adopters or using it only in

How much data is generated every minute?

If you wonder how much data is generated every minute these days, here’s a simplified overview.  Remember, this is done

Millenials love email promotions, social not so much, according to research

According to new reseach by RapidCampaign millenials love email promotions. Social is actually not so hot for that type of

Trend report: State of email marketing in travel industry

The state of email marketing in travel industry is a new trend report released by the team at Skift. The

10 marketing predictions for 2015 infographic

Marketing predictions are always fun. As 2015 has been underway for nearly a month now, let’s look at what was

Return Path report: email usage stats on desktop, mobile and webmail

Return Path has done a research study which they present in a document called “Where Are We Viewing Email Now?”

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