Charlotte Observer demands city email subscriber list

Last week David Hobby from Strobist (an excellent photographer lighting resource by the way) noted that the Charlotte Observer had

Pingdom posts email spam stats insight

The people over at Pingdom have posted some insight into email spam statistics: this includes an overview of spam facts,

Canadian anti-spam bill C-28 passes into law

On the 15th of December the Canadian Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (FISA), Bill C-28, was passed as law

Google launches email cloud service Message Continuity

A lot of Google/GMail news in recent days: first the Priority Inbox update and now Message Continuity. It’s a corporate

With Facebook Messages new style comes email scams

There was hoping this new system would not be affected by it, but the first email scam has found its

Russian responsible for third of spam arrested by FBI

It has been reported a few days ago that the FBI has arrested Oleg Nikolaenko who is believed to be

Return Path hit by phishing attack

Return Path has noted on their In The Know blog late last week that they’ve been hit by a phishing

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