Email Clients

Facebook announcing email service Nov 15th?

The people over at TheNextWeb received an invite from Facebook for an announcement: it had them puzzled because recently the

Hotmail gets more secure: full https sessions

On the Windows Live team blog it is noted that Hotmail security has been improved to include optional full https

Email Standards: Outlook 2011 to use Webkit as render engine

The Email Standards Project blog posted some big news (if true) yesterday: Outlook 2011 will be using Webkit as render

Video in email: is HTML5 the saviour?

Up until now, video in email meant going through a lot of trouble for you as the sender: it means

Hotmail's new metrics: a changing email landscape

Last Wednesday George Bilbrey, President of Return Path, posted an insight into the future of email deliverability on MediaPost. Specifically

GMail launches Priority Inbox

The slick engineers from GMail have launched Priority Inbox: a new feature which makes sure wholesale nba jerseys the email

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