Welcome, brave new email marketers!

Just a short while ago my attention was caught by a guest post called ‘Don’t tell me I’m wasting my

Less is more – part 2

Remember Email insight: Less is more from over half a year ago? Here’s part two. If you haven’t read that

It is not ok to start mailing an old list…ever

We’re back after about a month of much needed time off! Full of new ideas, experiences and more it i’s

Being genuine in your message

Earlier on I posted Writing an email for people, not addresses. That still counts, but what I didn’t put forward

Contrast and readability in email marketing

Reading the content of email marketing communications can be a pain sometimes. This can be caused by several factors: font

An email marketing strategy: think big, but not too big

As such, an email marketing strategy should be part of your total marketing strategy, which in turn is part of

Email insight: how to lose your spam tag

As soon as my girlfriend tells people what I do for a living, people start saying ‘oh he’s a spammer’

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