Hermès: a fruitful animation

Hermès, the famous French fashion house, delighted me recently with a beautiful subtly animated email. The graphic inside is animated

Dell: we come in peace (subject line)

Subject lines are all important: they persuade the receiver to open your email or not. If you manage to come

Chanel: if only she would move…

Chanel sent out an email yesterday including a 700px wide shot of a model showing off Chanel products including nail

MailChimp: Spammy email design whoopsies

Ben Chestnut over at MailChimp posted something quite interesting yesterday on some research they conducted on campaigns being sent through

Zappos newsletter: follow our CEO!

Zappos is a quite succesful online shoe company with unique views on doing business and connecting with people. On the

Subject lines and mobile: what works?

More and more people are solely reading and sending email from their mobile devices. This happens on all those beautiful

Holland America Line – subtle animation enriches email

In their most recent email, cruise ship company Holland America Line puts in a very subtle animation to draw attention.

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