Twitter email design: animated and colorful

Recently Twitter announced the new group DM functionality. To promote the new functionality, the company sent out an email. Very

Disney email campaign: Incredibles images off

This gem came to my attention via Twitter. A Walt Disney email campaign: Specificially, a Walt Disney World email noting

Kickstarter celebrates $1 billion pledged milestone

How to celebrate a milestone when you are one of the most well-known crowdfunding sites? Kickstarter celebrates the impressive milestone

Mobile email design – interactive images with CSS

This little CSS trick is the next step in mobile email design. Justin from FreshInbox has posted about creating interactive

Campaign Monitor email marketing look book 2013 launched

An extensive email marketing look book has been compiled by the Campaign Monitor team. The look book contains a total email marketing campaign for Happy Thanksgiving Hanukkah

The people over at must have a great job. Creating all these nifty tools and infographics to aid people

Only Influencers launches Only Email Design for email designers

Bill McCloskey of Only Influencers has launched a new site: Only Email Design. If you don’t know Only Influencers yet,

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