Spam volume up big time: 64% increase in one month

Global spam volume has seen a big increase in February over past months: Cisco’s Senderbase shows a rise of 64%

Spamhaus: About 80% of spam traced to less than 100 spam operations

The ROKSO list, or the Register of Known Spam Operations, is a list of roughly 100 spam operations managed by

Return Path and Symantec join forces to fight phishing

Return Path is expanding their anti-phishing solution via an agreement with Symantec. The agreement includes the use of Symantec’s Trusted

Email marketing and url shorteners: blocked again by Spamhaus

As has happened in the past, is blocked by Spamhaus through their DBL, or domain-based block list. This means

Postini spam filter service to be shut down by Google, users moved to Google Apps

According to a new entry at the Google Support pages, the Google Postini service will be shut down by Google.

Test your email: test newsletter spammyness with mail-tester

Fellow email marketing blog enthusiast Becs Rivett pointed out yesterday that the Wysija team have created mail-tester: it’s a tool

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