Morning Mail app for iOS: one email at a time

morning-mail-app-ios-logoThe Morning Mail app is a new app for iOS that promises one email at a time. For now, the accompanying website lists iOS as the only mobile OS supported, but who knows, maybe it will be available for Android later on.
With all the crowded inboxes these days, new email apps and services to handle the email overload are popping up everywhere.
Here’s an animation of the interface:

From the animation above one can conclude that a little preview of the email contents is shown in the Morning Mail app, plus the sender name and subject line. If this app (or similar apps) are the future of mobile inbox management, then sender name, subject line and snippet (first lines of an email) will become even more important than they already are.
Furthermore, emails are shown in the order they arrived in your inbox.A quote from the Dribbble design page:
The app helps you to handle your inbox when you just wake up. One email at time. You can’t see whole list of emails. Mark current email to go to the next one.
Handling email like that would hardly work on desktops, where as a power email user you are used to mark several emails at the time and archive them, delete them or do any other bulk action. Morning Mail has already been dubbed the ‘Tinder for email’.
And another preview of the Morning Mail app interface:

The app website can be found here. You can get early access to the Morning Mail app on that website too. A launch date hasn’t been announced yet.


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