Bronto Socialite introduced, helps ecommerce measure social campaigns

Bronto Socialite has been introduced recently, which is intended to help ecommerce marketers measure social campaigns.
Bronto Socialite is an app which can be added to the Bronto platform and is capable of enhancing customer engagement and measuring ROI (Return On Investment) on several social channels.
Socialite allows for management of the following social media channels:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Social media marketing tools included are:

  • Twitter Cards
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Audiences
  • Instagram Shopping

Bronto Socialite helps commerce marketers to:

  • Maximize engagement with Facebook Audiences – Commerce marketers can easily create a Custom Audience in Facebook based on a segment in the Bronto Marketing Platform (BMP) to drive more engagement with targeted ads. They can also automatically import and export files to create a lookalike Audience for targeting new, potential customers.
  • Increase sales with Instagram Shopping – Commerce marketers can promote their products with Instagram posts and trigger ready-to-shop emails to interested users who “Liked” those specific posts.
  • Drive email list growth on Facebook and Twitter – Commerce marketers can easily create and publish a custom tab on their Facebook page for capturing email opt-ins and other contact data, with a drag-and-drop form builder directly from within the BMP. Marketers can also capture email opt-ins from Twitter Lead Generation Cards and automatically trigger email events in the BMP.
  • Track social marketing revenue – Commerce marketers have visibility into their social media marketing campaigns with a highly intuitive dashboard to track and optimize their performance.

An example of the Instagram Shopping dashboard:
Quoting Joe Colopy, Bronto CEO, about Bronto Socialite:

“Socialite provides extraordinary functionality to help commerce marketers better engage customers from social networks and see measurable results, it opens a new chapter for our customers to drive revenue in the social space with Bronto.”

By adding these social media features, Bronto is expanding upon its ecommerce-focused email marketing platform. Social media platforms are increasingly becoming a more serious marketing opportunity  with many millions of people actively sharing and catching up on photos, videos and current events.
The announcement of the new app by Bronto can be found here.
To learn more about Bronto Socialite, visit the Bronto Appcenter app page here.

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