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What is big data? Infographic

What is big data? This question pops up more and more these days as marketers are confronted with the term

Social media management software overview by G2Crowd

Social media management software is specialized software to manage multiple accounts across multiple platforms. G2Crowd now has a social media

MailUp email marketing software 8.8 released

A new release of the MailUp email marketing software has been rolled on their platform. The release has been rolled

2015 Email Marketing Practices Infographic

Mailjet has released a 2015 email marketing practices and outlook infographic. It includes results from a survey conducted by Mailjet

How much data is generated every minute?

If you wonder how much data is generated every minute these days, here’s a simplified overview.  Remember, this is done

How to do innovation in marketing

Innovation in marketing isn’t easy. If you’ve ever wonderd how to do innovation in marketing, read on: there’s a few

Mailigen partners with Alchemy Worx to provide Subject Line Advisor

Mailigen has announced a partnership with Alchemy Worx to provide the Subject Line Advisor to its clients. The Subject Line

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