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Are you spamming people? Flowchart

For some the question ‘Are you spamming people?’ might seem odd, but there’s still a lot more spam out there than opt-in commercial email marketing. Even the marketers who believe they are doing the right thing are doing it wrong.


This is either because they haven’t gotten an opt-in from the people receiving their email marketing campaigns, or because they are not sending out a campaign to customers.

Those are two of the main reasons you might be spamming people without actually knowing it. Here’s a flowchart describing certain situations, and questions to guide you to the right decision.

A while ago we posted ‘should I send this email?‘ which posed a similar situation. The situation with this flowchart and the question ‘Are you spamming people?’ is a bit more serious though.

Here’s the flowchart:



Click the image for the full version.

The three main questions asked after the primary question ‘Why are you sending this email?’ are:

  • Is it interesting and/or relevant?
  • Did the recipient ask for it? (hello opt-in)
  • Is it important information?

Also, there’s a remark rather than a question: I bought a list. In that case you can take the shortest route to the negative answer. You as a marketer are better than that, and should put effort into building an opt-in list and providing the people who opted in with relevant content.

Be sure to ask yourself the question: ‘Are you spamming people?’ and with help of this flowchart you should be able to come up with the right answer – even if it means not sending out your latest email campaign.

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