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Gmail app for Android update: multiple email account support

New Gmail app for Android update: it adds multiple email account support, conversation view and better search in its latest update.

How to get rid of referral spam in Google Analytics

Updated April 15th 2015: new referral spam domain added: (with an L). Updated April 13th 2015: new referral spam

Facebook Messenger developer platform introduced at F8

A new Facebook Messenger developer platform has been introduced at the F8 developer conference. The new developer platform for Facebook

Google’s Pony Express project: pay bills inside Gmail

Would you like to pay bills inside Gmail? Soon you will be able to. Google is working on a project

Email marketing research: why subscribers flag email as spam

New email marketing research gives the answer the the question why subscribers flag email as spam. In total, MarketingSherpa has

Are you spamming people? Flowchart

For some the question ‘Are you spamming people?’ might seem odd, but there’s still a lot more spam out there

Salesforce App for Outlook now available

The Salesforce App for Outlook is now available as announced on the Salesforce blog. It is available for Outlook and

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